We’re working on redefining career development.

Redefining obviously means a lot of work on wordings. I feel we’re often trapped in words from the old industrial era when it comes to jobs. We ”search” or ”hunt” for a job when in fact the companies search at least as much. We go to ”interviews” which feel like we’re the only ones being questioned when in fact we should be asking as many questions ourselves.

Here’s one of the wonderful texts that our corporate poet Kirsten Zerbinis has come up with.

All the wrong words

We use the wrong words when we talk about jobs.

We say that we got a job or lost a job. But a job isn’t an object to be lost and found like a pen.

We say that we’re job hunting, as though the job is an independent animal that we have to use our wits to stalk and subdue, then bring home for dinner. But a job isn’t a deer.

We say that we’re looking for a job with a good fit, and recruiters say they’re looking for candidates with a good fit. But job-seekers, jobs, and companies are not pairs of shoes.

No wonder people are frustrated with the hiring process, and unhappy with their jobs.

At Cruited, we use different words

We aren’t here to help you get a job. We are here to help you build your career. Building is very different from getting. Building is creative. Iterative. Ongoing.

Most of all, building is a process.

You build according to a plan – but of course the plan can change. You are limited by your materials – but you can get new materials.

Cruited is like a design firm for your career. We have the expertise to help you build a career that is strong and lasting, satisfying. Somewhere out there is work that you can’t help but do well, because it’s a perfect match for your skills, personality, goals, and values. It’s not just the job you do; it’s the job that was made for you.

You’ll be doing the building, but we can help you with the design for a career that you love.